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Coping Strategies for Recovering Alcoholics and Addicts to Prevent Relapse
Papers & Publications Interdisciplinary Journal of Undergraduate Research (2018)
  • Heather Carr, Georgia Southern University
  • Kristan Rigdon, Georgia Southern University
  • Margaret Price, Georgia Southern University
  • Hannah Fortner, Georgia Southern University
  • Adam Herring, Georgia Southern University
Purpose: Alcohol and drug addiction is a global concern with relapse rates between 65 and 70 percent among alcohol and opioid dependent individuals.  Recovery is a lifelong process, which an individual must work at maintaining daily. In conjunction with extensive inpatient and outpatient treatment, each individual is given a variety of coping strategies to facilitate sobriety maintenance.  This study aimed to identify effective coping strategies for prevention of relapse and increase the effectiveness of treatment.  Methods: A survey of 23-item questionnaire, consisting of both qualitative and quantitative origins, was distributed to a convenience sample of 250 of which 119 participants responded to the survey about their perceived coping strategies and triggers for relapse. All individuals were above the age of 18 and in recovery. Findings: Quantitative findings indicated Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) was reported as the most helpful source of treatment and support. Social event was the reported trigger for relapse, and family and friends were the identified reasons reported for sobriety. Major themes categorized from qualitative data for effective coping included spiritual, physical, social and mental. The findings showed that Individuals with stronger support and effective coping strategies were less likely to relapse. 

  • Relapse,
  • Dependence,
  • Addiction,
  • Recovery,
  • Coping Mechanisms
Publication Date
Fall August 20, 2018
Citation Information
Heather Carr, Kristan Rigdon, Margaret Price, Hannah Fortner, et al.. "Coping Strategies for Recovering Alcoholics and Addicts to Prevent Relapse" Papers & Publications Interdisciplinary Journal of Undergraduate Research (2018)
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