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Unpublished Paper
An analysis on the Issues in North-South FTA
SHU Economics Paper Series (2007)
  • HE Shu-Quan, Shanghai University

The principle of reciprocity in north-south FTA has always been criticized. Compare with provisions under WTO framework, north-south FTA goes well beyond on the issues such as market access, government procurement, service, investment, intellectual property rights and competition policy. Therefore, developing countries should take into account not only the potential impact on exports and imports arising from market opening, and possible increases in FDI, but also the impact of these agreements on their ability to use alternative policy options and instruments in the pursuit of a longer-term development strategy.

  • Free Trade Agreement,
  • Trade Negotiation,
  • North-South Economic Integration
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HE Shu-Quan. "An analysis on the Issues in North-South FTA" SHU Economics Paper Series (2007)
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