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The Maritime Potential of ASEAN Economies
Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs (2011)
  • Hans-Dieter Evers
  • Mhd Azhari-Karim, Universiti Sains Malaysia
Countries may utilize a long coastline in relation to their landmass as a resource to develop their maritime conomy. This paper argues that ASEAN countries differ in utilizing their maritime potential. As a basis for further comparative studies the Center for Policy Research and International Studies (CenPRIS) in Penang developed a set of indicators to measure the maritime potential of nations, the state of their maritime industries, and the degree to which the maritime potential has actually been utilized. Using the CenPRIS Ocean Index (COI) shows that Brunei and the Philippines have underutilized their maritime potentials, whereas Singapore and Thailand have made full use of it. Malaysia still has the potential to further develop its maritime economy.
  • maritime economy,
  • competitive advantage,
  • harbours,
  • shipping,
  • fishingASEAN
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Hans-Dieter Evers and Mhd Azhari-Karim. "The Maritime Potential of ASEAN Economies" Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs Vol. 30 Iss. 1 (2011)
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