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Little Understood Knowledge Trap
Development and Cooperation
  • Hans-Dieter EVERS, Singapore Management University
  • Solvay GERKE, University of Bonn
  • Thomas MENKHOFF, Singapore Management University
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Magazine Article
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As knowledge increases, we realise how much else we do not know. Successful research always results in new questions. Any knowledge economy must be aware of such unknowns if it is to expand further through research and development. Debate on bridging the digital divide does not take this factor into account. Many of the strategies currently preached are misplaced.

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Hans-Dieter EVERS, Solvay GERKE and Thomas MENKHOFF. "Little Understood Knowledge Trap" Development and Cooperation Vol. 33 Iss. 6 (2006) p. 246 - 247 ISSN: 0723-6980
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