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Resident's acceptance of internal courtyard buildings
MATEC Web Conf (2016)
  • Hazreena Hussein
  • Adi Ainurzaman Jamaludin
The internal courtyard of the residential building creates a micro-environment that provides a comfortable indoor environment. The acceptance of the courtyard by residents is disreputable even though its benefits have been scientifically proven. A survey using a set of questionnaire was carried out at two residential colleges to gauge the acceptance level of residents towards an existing internal courtyard. Results show that the majority of respondents of both residential colleges have given positive feedbacks, which include the perception on building and landscape designs in general, the quality of the landscape setting at the internal courtyard, the frequency of the time spent at the internal courtyard in a day, and the influence of the landscape setting at the internal courtyard on the quality of life. These feedbacks are not influenced by the gender aspect holistically. Indirectly, it indicates that the internal courtyard is positively relevant to be applied to the building design, particularly low-rise residential buildings.
Publication Date
July 13, 2016
Citation Information
Resident’s acceptance of internal courtyard buildings Adi Ainurzaman Jamaludin, Hazreena Hussein and Kauthar Md. Tahir MATEC Web Conf., 66 (2016) 00098 DOI: