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The Long Journey: Developing a Model of PLD for the Future
Australian Journal of Teacher Education
  • Hazel Owen, Ethos Consultancy NZ, New Zealand
  • Merryn Dunmill, CORE Education, New Zealand
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This paper presents the longitudinal learning journey of two educators who participated in the Virtual Professional Learning and Development programme (VPLD) between 2010 and 2013. Each participant’s story of change describes the process and outcomes of their involvement in a future-focused environment of virtual mentorship supported by a tailored online community of practice. The paper discusses and conceptualises (via an inclusive framework for professional development) key findings. Evidence is shown of shifts in the educators’ beliefs about learning and teaching, corresponding changes in professional practice, and the impact on student learning experiences. The three interconnecting dimensions of the Inclusive Framework for Professional Development - personal, professional and political - provided a tool to encapsulate the tensions, challenges, aspirations and inspirations of the two participants’ respective experiences. It is hoped that the framework will prove useful for other practitioners involved in educator professional development.
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Hazel Owen and Merryn Dunmill. "The Long Journey: Developing a Model of PLD for the Future" (2014)
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