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National Park Service Cave Ecology Inventory And Monitoring Framework
National Cave and Karst Management Symposium 2013
  • Gretchen M Baker, National Park Service
  • Steven J Taylor, Illinois Natural History Survey
  • Shawn Thomas, National Park Service
  • Rick Olson, National Park Service
  • Kathy Lavoie, SUNY Plattsburgh
  • Marie Denn, National Park Service
  • Steven Thomas, National Park Service
  • Hazel Barton, University of Akron
  • Kurt Helf, National Park Service
  • Rene Ohms, National Park Service
  • Joel Despain, US Forest Service
  • Jim Kennedy, Bat Conservation International
  • David Larson, National Park Service
Carlsbad, NM
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A team developed the Cave Ecology Inventory and Monitoring Framework for National Park Service (NPS) units. It contains information for NPS cave managers across the United States to determine how to inventory and monitor cave ecology. Due to the wide geographical scope of NPS caves and their many different types, the document does not prescribe exact protocols. Instead, it provides guidance for what types of inventory and monitoring are possible, a framework for deciding how to prioritize inventory and monitoring activities, and references to specific protocols that are already in place at NPS cave parks. Keywords: cave ecology, cave microbiology, monitoring, inventory, cave and karst
Citation Information
Gretchen M Baker, Steven J Taylor, Shawn Thomas, Rick Olson, et al.. "National Park Service Cave Ecology Inventory And Monitoring Framework" (2013)
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