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Validation of the Perkins Adolescent Risk Screen (PARS)
Journal of Adolescent Health (2003)
  • Christina D. Adams, West Virginia University
  • Kathaleen C. Perkins, West Virginia University
  • Vicki Lumley, West Virginia University
  • Christine Hughes, West Virginia University
  • James J. Burns, West Virginia University
  • Hatim A. Omar, West Virginia University
Purpose - To examine the initial psychometric properties for the PARS, a brief interview used to screen for 16 items of adolescent risk and protective factors. Methods - Participants included 193 adolescents, attending public middle and high schools or a university-based Adolescent Clinic. Participants completed a PARS interview, as well as a battery of questionnaires. Approximately 31% of participants received a second PARS interview from an independent rater to assess inter-rater consistency. Results - Descriptive statistics revealed that participants, on average, were rated as low to moderate risk for health-related difficulties across all PARS items. Descriptive statistics also showed important risk patterns in this sample of adolescents (e.g., 1/5 of sample not exercising at all). Factor analysis yielded a total of five factors (Risk Factors, Protection Factors, Relationships/Mood, Motivation Issues, Weight Issues), accounting for 58% of the variance in PARS item scores. Satisfactory levels of internal consistency and inter-rater agreement for the PARS score were found. Convergent and divergent validity of PARS scores were supported by correlations obtained with similar and dissimilar measures, respectively. A significant age group difference was obtained in the total PARS score, with adolescents aged 17–19 years obtaining higher scores than did adolescents aged 14–16 years. No significant gender differences were found. Conclusions - Our results support the initial psychometric properties (i.e., reliability, validity) of the PARS as a measure of health risk and protective factors in adolescents. The PARS is a brief, efficient means of obtaining important health risk information from adolescents throughout periodic routine health care visits.
  • Adolescent assessment,
  • Interview,
  • Protective factors,
  • Risk
Publication Date
December, 2003
Citation Information
Christina D. Adams, Kathaleen C. Perkins, Vicki Lumley, Christine Hughes, et al.. "Validation of the Perkins Adolescent Risk Screen (PARS)" Journal of Adolescent Health Vol. 33 Iss. 6 (2003)
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