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God’s Name Boosts Confidence
  • Harshita Chopra
Describing the subject of spirituality based upon the bhajan,” Naam –ras pee ke diwana jo bane,wo mun buddhi ka nishana n bane” Guru ji Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan says that that sweet , melodious sound of the Master is sweeter than honey, Aabo- Hayat, Hari-ras, Nectar exists within all of us. There is nothing comparable to describe its sweetness in this world.  If you begin the sumrin of that Lord then you will come to enjoy such a taste which is multi million times sweeter than any taste of this world, in the beginning.
  • Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh
Publication Date
Summer April 3, 2019
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Harshita Chopra. "God’s Name Boosts Confidence" (2019)
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