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Indian Religion and Spiritualism – The Harsh Reality
  • Harshita Chopra
India - the land of beautiful architecture and the renowned unity in diversity. The heart-touching moral stories in its culture are the result of hard work done, by the royal kings and the priests in royal courts. Honesty is the best policy coming from India only. India is home to at least nine recognized religions. The most prominent among all is Hinduism and then Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism and then Jainism. Incarnated Gods of these religions: Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, 10 Gurus, Lord Jesus, and Lord Buddha incarnated to serve humanity and to spread brotherhood. They spread positivity and uprooted malpractices, to make life smooth.
  • Dera Sacha Sauda
Publication Date
Summer April 1, 2019
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Harshita Chopra. "Indian Religion and Spiritualism – The Harsh Reality" (2019)
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