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Live a long and Healthy life with Vegetarianism
  • Harshita Chopra
According to the study of the US National Academy of Science, if vegetarianism is given maximum space in food, then 50 lakh deaths in the world can be avoided every year. And the same has been emphasized by our religions too says Baba Ram Rahim Ji. The wise Saint says every religion prohibits the use of non-vegetarianism. Shahid Kapoor, Aamir Khan, Alia Bhatt, and Hema Malini adopted a vegetarian lifestyle. They all treat vegetarianism as the basis of their beauty and fitness.
  • Baba Ram Rahim
Publication Date
Summer May 14, 2019
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Harshita Chopra. "Live a long and Healthy life with Vegetarianism" (2019)
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