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About Harry van der Linden

Van der Linden has edited several books, including Rethinking the Just War Tradition. He is the author of Kantian Ethics and Socialism, and his most recent research and publications are focused on the morality of warfare, covering such topics as preventive war, asymmetric warfare, combatant’s privilege, humanitarian intervention, and just military preparedness (jus ante bellum) as a new category of just war theory.
Van der Linden teaches courses in moral theory, applied ethics, philosophy of law, the history of political philosophy, and contemporary social and political philosophy. His recent topical courses include “The Ethics of War and Peace” and a seminar on “Atrocity, Morality and Evil.”
Van der Linden has served since 1998 as the treasurer of the Radical Philosophy Association and is currently the editor of the Radical Philosophy Review. He is interested in supporting progressive causes both on and off campus and served for several years as president of the Indianapolis Peace and Justice Center.


Present Professor, Butler University Department of Philosophy, Religion, and Classics

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Department of Philosophy and Religion
Butler University
4600 Sunset Avenue
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