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Creating Disciples: The Transformation of Employees Into Trainers
Business Horizons
  • Mary W Hrivnak, Cleveland State University
  • Harry J. Martin, Cleveland State University
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Business realities demand that organizations place a strategic emphasis on developing knowledge workers and becoming a learning organization. Numerous programs of organizational change and renewal must also be undertaken to keep firms competitive. This requires ongoing training for all employees to succeed in today's global marketplace. While external consultants and professional staff are often called upon to provide this training, many organizations are turning to their own employees as an effective, lower cost alternative. There are several benefits to using this strategy, but significant support must be provided to realize these benefits. Herein, we describe a systematic process to turn novice employee trainers into a powerful force for organizational change. By transforming employees into disciples, organizations can give training the impact it needs.
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Martin, H., , & Hrivnak, M. (2009). Creating disciples: The transformation of employees into trainers. Business Horizons, 52(6), 605-616. doi:10.1016/j.bushor.2009.07.006