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Unpublished Paper
Telecommunications 2004: Business Strategy, HR Practices, and Performance
Faculty Publications - Human Resource Studies
  • Rosemary Batt, Cornell University
  • Alexander J.S. Colvin, Pennsylvania State University
  • Harry C Katz, Cornell University
  • Jeffrey Keefe, Rutgers University
Publication Date
This national benchmarking report of the U.S. telecommunications services industry traces the tumultuous changes in management and workforce practices and performance in the sector over the last 5 years. This is a follow-up report to our 1998 study. At that time, when the industry was booming, we conducted a national survey of establishments in the industry. In 2003, we returned to do a second national survey of the industry, this time in a sector that was recovering from one of the worst recessions in its history.

Suggested Citation
Batt, R., Colvin, A., Katz, H., & Keefe, J., (2004). Telecommunications 2004: Business strategy, HR practices, and performance.

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Cornell-Rutgers Telecommunications Project
See also Telecommunications 2000: Strategy, human resource practices, and performance.

Citation Information
Rosemary Batt, Alexander J.S. Colvin, Harry C Katz and Jeffrey Keefe. "Telecommunications 2004: Business Strategy, HR Practices, and Performance" (2004)
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