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Spirituality: Concept Analysis and Model Development
Holistic Nursing Practice
  • Harleah G. Buck, University of South Florida
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  • connectedness,
  • meaning,
  • model,
  • nursing,
  • self-transcendence,
  • spirituality

The concept of spirituality has gained increasing attention over the last decade, as evidenced by the number of conceptual and empirical articles published. Many recommend that continued theory development is essential to understand spirituality and guide practice. The aim of this article is to review the nursing research on spirituality and conduct a concept analysis using Chinn and Kramer's method of creating conceptual meaning. A definition of spirituality is presented, and a model constructed from a review of the literature and reflection. Spirituality is defined as: that most human of experiences that seeks to transcend self and find meaning and purpose through connection with others, nature, and/or a Supreme Being, which may or may not involve religious structures or traditions.

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Holistic Nursing Practice, v. 20, issue 6, p. 288-292

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Harleah G. Buck. "Spirituality: Concept Analysis and Model Development" Holistic Nursing Practice Vol. 20 Iss. 6 (2006) p. 288 - 292
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