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Modeling and Characterization of Blended Guava Pomace and Pulse Powder Based Rice Extrudates
International Journal of Food Engineering (2012)
  • Srikanth Tangirala
  • B. C. Sarkar
  • Harish Kumar Sharma
  • Navneet Kumar

The purpose of the present work was to study the effect of guava pomace and pulse powder incorporation in to rice based extrudates on physical characteristics. Guava pomace collected after juice extraction was dried and milled. It was then added with pulse powder-rice flour blend at different combinations based on Central Composite Rotatable Design (CCRD). The independent variables were moisture content (17 – 21%), temperature (115 – 135°C), screw speed (230 – 270rpm), and varying proportion of rice, pulse and guava pomace. Higher feed moisture content resulted in extrudates with a higher density, lower expansion, higher water absorption index, lower water soluble index, and higher hardness. Higher barrel temperature resulted in reduced density, increased expansion, and water solubility index. Addition of guava pomace resulted in increase in water absorption index, hardness and decreased bulk density, expansion and water solubility index. The study suggested the guava pomace may be utilized up to the level of 10% to in Ready to Eat Snacks.

  • guava pomace,
  • bulk density,
  • lateral expansion,
  • water solubility index,
  • water absorption index
Publication Date
May 25, 2012
Citation Information
Srikanth Tangirala, B. C. Sarkar, Harish Kumar Sharma and Navneet Kumar. "Modeling and Characterization of Blended Guava Pomace and Pulse Powder Based Rice Extrudates" International Journal of Food Engineering Vol. 8 Iss. 1 (2012)
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