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Kuki Churches Unification Movements
Journal of North East India Studies (2012)
  • Thongkholal Haokip, Jawaharlal Nehru University
The coming of Christianity among the Kukis is now more than a century. Centenary of the gospel among the Baptists was celebrated in March 1996 with a theme “Christ the Hope of the Ages” and the Evangelical Presbyterians in 2010 with “Power of the Gospel” as a theme respectively. Within the twentieth century almost the entire population had been swept by Christianity and now Christians constitute more than 90 percent of the total population. This essay discusses the advent of Christianity among the Kukis and analyse the attempts made by church leaders to unify Kuki churches. It also made an enquiry into the reasons for the failure of such attempts to church unification and its implication on Kuki society.
  • Kuki Church,
  • Church Unification,
  • Ecumenical Movement,
  • Church division
Publication Date
Winter December, 2012
Citation Information
Thongkholal Haokip. "Kuki Churches Unification Movements" Journal of North East India Studies Vol. 2 Iss. 2 (2012) p. 33 - 48
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