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The Kukis of Northeast India: Politics and Culture
  • Thongkholal Haokip, Jawaharlal Nehru University
This volume brings together a number of essays dealing with various aspects of Kuki politics and culture. The objectives are to understand and highlight the traditional system of Kuki politics and administration, trace the genesis and evolution of Kuki autonomy movements in Northeast India, and to assess the value of the rich cultural heritage of the Kukis and its changes. The contributors critically analyse, debunk and generate debate on some of the prominent views on Kuki politics and espouse the need for cultural renewal and therefore uncover the underlying niche for the Kukis.
  • Kuki,
  • Northeast India,
  • Politics,
  • Culture
Publication Date
Winter January 1, 2013
Citation Information
Haokip, T. (2013). The Kukis of Northeast India: Politics and Culture. New Delhi: Bookwell.