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Bush medicines of western Sydney
Australian Journal of Medical Herbalism
  • Hans Wohlmuth, Southern Cross University
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The knowledge of traditional Aboriginal use of medicinal plants in the Sydney area is almost non-existent. A number of plants growing in Mitchell Park, northwest of Sydney, are discussed in terms of their potential medicinal use by the traditional owners of the area. In the absence of records of medicinal plant use in the area, the discussion draws upon information from other areas of Australia. Aboriginal health prior to European settlement is also briefly discussed in an attempt to identify some of the ailments Aboriginal people may have found themselves treating with bush medicines. It is concluded that the area would have provided its inhabitants with a variety of medicinal plants, sufficient to treat a range of complaints.
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Wohlmuth, H 1997, 'Bush medicines of western Sydney', Australian Journal of Medical Herbalism, vol. 9, no. 2, pp. 50-53.