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Essential oil composition of Zingiberaceae species from Mauritius
Journal of Essential Oil Research
  • Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, University of Mauritius
  • Naheeda Maudarbaccus, University of Mauritius
  • David N Leach, Southern Cross University
  • Luigino Doimo, Southern Cross University
  • Hans Wohlmuth, Southern Cross University
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The chemical composition of the essential oils obtained from the hydrodistillation of the rhizomes of the common ginger (Zingiber officinale) and three ginger-lilies (Hedychium coccineum, H. flavescens and H. coronarium) grown in Mauritius was investigated by GC and GC/MS. Z. officinale oil was characterized by the presence of geranial (16.3%), neral (10.3%), zingiberene (9.5%), β-sesquiphellandrene (6.3%) and ar-curcumene (5.1%). The oils of the ginger lilies were characterized as follows: H. coccineum: (E)-nerolidol (44.4%), trans-sesquisabinene hydrate (24.2%); H. flavescens: linalool (35.0%), 1,8-cineole [eucalyptol] (15.3%), β-pinene (14.7%), α-terpineol (14.5%) and α-pinene (5.3%); H. coronarium: α-muurolol (16.8%), α-terpineol (15.9%), 1,8-cineole (11.2%), an unknown sesquiterpene alcohol (7.0%), α-fenchyl acetate (5.6%), citronellal (5.5%) and (E)-methyl cinnamate (5.1%).
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Gurib-Fakim, A, Maudarbaccus, N, Leach, DN, Doimo, L & Wohlmuth, H 2002, 'Essential oil composition of Zingiberaceae species from Mauritius', Journal of Essential Oil Research, vol. 12, no. 4, pp. 271-273.

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