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Bismarck's Leadership: Beyond Good and Evil
Journal of Defense Studies and Resource Management (2013)
  • Hans-Joachim K. Ruff-Stahl, Air University
This paper assesses Bismarck’s strategic successes, personality, and leadership skills. It argues that Bismarck was an effective strategic leader in spite of a lack of - in today’s view - essential leadership traits. Bismarck’s Realpolitik was only little influenced by moral constraints in exchange for strategic effectiveness. Bismarck’s leadership style may be described by a “morality of the master“, disregarding widely accepted moral standards, which Nietzsche has dismissed before as nothing more than the morality of the ruled. Bismarck’s leadership is a lesson in tactical means justifying the strategic ends.
  • Otto Bismarck,
  • strategic leadership
Publication Date
October 29, 2013
Citation Information
Hans-Joachim K. Ruff-Stahl. "Bismarck's Leadership: Beyond Good and Evil" Journal of Defense Studies and Resource Management Vol. 2 Iss. 2 (2013) ISSN: 2324-9315
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