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Decoupling Marriage & Procreation: A Feminist Argument for Same-Sex Marriage
27 Berkeley Journal of Gender, Law & Justice 307 (2012)
  • Hannah Haksgaard, University of South Dakota School of Law
The quickly arriving reality of same-sex marriage is a move forward for all couples who marry, including opposite-sex and transgender couples. This piece examines the way that same-sex marriage will improve these other marriages. In particular, I argue that the "essential aspects" of marriage remain sex and reproduction - domains associated with the wife in a traditional marriage in a way that serves to denigrate women. Although the long-existing link between procreation and marriage has begun to fade, it will not be until same-sex marriage is fully legalized that opposite-sex marriage can fundamentally change. Therefore, both feminists and advocates of same-sex marriage should work together to continue to make marriage relevant for the modern day.
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Hannah Alsgaard, Decoupling Marriage & Procreation: A Feminist Argument for Same-Sex Marriage, 27 Berkeley J. Gender L. & Just. 302 (2012)