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Unpublished Paper
Topic-Partitioned Multinetwork Embeddings
  • Peter Krafft
  • Juston Moore
  • Bruce Desmarais
  • Hanna M. Wallach, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
We introduce a joint model of network content and context designed for exploratory analysis of email networks via visualization of topic-specific communication patterns. Our model is based on a novel extension of the latent space network model to the mixed-membership framework, and it uses latent Dirichlet allocation to model the text attributes of our data. To perform inference in this model, we use an approximate stochastic expectation-maximization algorithm. We validate the appropriateness of our model using a simulation study and a prediction task, and demonstrate its capabilities by investigating the communication patterns within a new government email dataset, the New Hanover County email corpus.
Publication Date
This is the pre-published version harvested from CIIR.
Citation Information
Peter Krafft, Juston Moore, Bruce Desmarais and Hanna M. Wallach. "Topic-Partitioned Multinetwork Embeddings" (2012)
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