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Channel Equalizer Design Based on Wiener Filter and Least Mean Square Algorithms
  • Hani Mehrpouyan, Queen's University

This paper investigates the Wiener and least mean square (LMS) algorithms in the design of traversal tap delay line filters for the purpose of compensating the effect of the communication channel. The designed equalizers remove the distortion caused by the channel from the transmitted signal without requiring any specific model or state-space information. The first approach is based on the a recursive Wiener filtering procedure and is designed using the WienerHopf equation. On the other hand, the second approach uses the LMS algorithm and investigates the effect of different step sizes on the speed of the conversion and the accuracy of the overall algorithm. Simulation results are presented and both schemes are compared under different distortion levels and signal to noise ratio(SNR) values via impulse response, frequency response and ABER simulations.

  • Wiener-Hopf,
  • least mean square,
  • transversal tap delay line filters,
  • channel equalization
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Hani Mehrpouyan. "Channel Equalizer Design Based on Wiener Filter and Least Mean Square Algorithms" (2009)
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