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Engaging students for success : Australasian Student Engagement Report
  • Hamish Bennett Coates, ACER
ACER produces AUSSE Institution Reports for participating universities, providing details about the responses from students in their institution and selected benchmark groups. These reports provide a basis for publication and presentation of analyses within higher education communities, at conferences, and in magazines and journals. ACER also produces this Australasian Student Engagement Report (ASER), a series of AUSSE Research Briefings, and a series of AUSSE Enhancement Guides. These public documents are intended to convey general results to wider audiences.
Publication Date
January, 2009
Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)
Publisher Statement
AUSSE Report.
Citation Information
Hamish Bennett Coates. Engaging students for success : Australasian Student Engagement Report. Melbourne, Vic(2009)
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