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Universities on the catwalk : models for performance ranking in Australia
Higher Education Management and Policy (2007)
  • Hamish Coates, ACER
National and international rankings of institutional performance are playing a growing role in contemporary higher education. It is critical that researchers develop pragmatic, educationally sensitive and methodologically informed approaches for managing this aspect of higher education. This paper compares three approaches for modelling key indicators which underpin a national evaluation of university education in Australia: rankings of aggregate institutional performance; comparisons of institutional change over time; and performance variations within fields of education. The results show that simple institution-level aggregations are misleading, and that contemporary analytical methods must be used to account for the influence of fields of education. More broadly, the findings expose the need for a more robust methodological development of university rankings.
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Hamish Coates. "Universities on the catwalk : models for performance ranking in Australia" Higher Education Management and Policy Vol. 19 Iss. 2 (2007)
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