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Synchronous Generator Parameter Estimation Using Pseudo-Inverse Method in Hybrid Domain
Proc. of IEEE ISIE07 (2007)
  • Hamidreza Radmanesh, Shahed University
  • Hamed Shakouri G., University of Tehran
  • Jalal Nazarzadeh, Shahed University

This paper presents an efficient alternative method to estimate synchronous generators parameters using real time operating data. The main idea considers the use of Hybrid Legendre Block-Pulse functions for fitting measured input-output synchronous generator signals. This allows writing a set of linear algebraic equations that can be solved for the unknown parameters using the pseudo-inverse. The results obtained by this method show accuracy and robustness against the noise corruption in process and/or measurements. Therefore, this alternative utilizes two advantages: first, Integration for calculating basis functions coefficients, and averaging the signals, so that the noise corruption is highly reduced. Second, the minimum squared error concept is used in pseudo-inverse method, so that the remained error from previous stages is minimized.

  • Synchronous Generator,
  • Hybrid Functions,
  • Hybrid Domain,
  • Pseudo-inverse Method,
  • Operational Matrix of integration,
  • Operational Matrix of Differentiation.
Publication Date
June, 2007
Citation Information
Hamidreza Radmanesh, Hamed Shakouri G. and Jalal Nazarzadeh. "Synchronous Generator Parameter Estimation Using Pseudo-Inverse Method in Hybrid Domain" Proc. of IEEE ISIE07 (2007)
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