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Antioxidant and antibacterial activities of flavonoids and curcuminoids from Zingiber spectabile Griff
Food Control (2013)
  • Halijah Ibrahim, University of Malaya
  • Sulaiman S. F.
  • Ooi K. L.
  • Sivasothy Y.
Monoclonal anti-tubulin antibodies were used to label microtubules in the connecting cilia and outer segments of retinal photoreceptors isolated from Rana pipiens. In paraformaldehyde-fixed rods from frogs maintained on diurnal light cycles, the anti-tubulin labeling of ciliary microtubules (mean length = 27 micron) typically extends to slightly over half the length of the outer segments (mean length = 46 micron). Rod outer segments from frogs kept in constant darkness for 3-4 weeks are longer (mean length = 53 micron) than rod outer segments from frogs maintained in cyclic lighting. However, the distribution of fractional lengths of anti-tubulin labeling of ciliary microtubules is the same for both lighting regimens. Incubating retinas in 1.0 mM colchicine prior to outer-segment fixation has no effect on the length of immunolabeling of ciliary microtubules, suggesting that post-mortem elongation artifacts are not significant. Incubating retinas in 10 microM taxol prior to fixation significantly increases the length of stained ciliary microtubules, suggesting that taxol either promotes post-mortem assembly of microtubules, or that taxol reduces post-mortem disassembly. The mean position of the end of anti-tubulin-labeled ciliary microtubules does not correspond to the position of disk shedding for any of the experimental conditions employed.
  • Alkaloids/pharmacology,
  • Animals,
  • Cilia/ultrastructure,
  • Darkness,
  • Microtubules/drug effects/*ultrastructure,
  • Paclitaxel,
  • Photoreceptor Cells/*ultrastructure,
  • Rana pipiens,
  • Rod Cell Outer Segment/*ultrastructure,
  • Tubulin/immunology
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Halijah Ibrahim, Sulaiman S. F., Ooi K. L. and Sivasothy Y.. "Antioxidant and antibacterial activities of flavonoids and curcuminoids from Zingiber spectabile Griff" Food Control Vol. 30 Iss. 2 (2013)
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