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Bitcoin: A Revolution?
Digital Economy, J. Ganuza and G. Llobet (eds) (2018)
  • Hanna Halaburda, Bank of Canada
  • Guillaume Haeringer, CUNY Bernard M Baruch College
Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency invented in 2008 is both puzzling and inspiring. High volatility of its price is challenges financial analysts as well as scholars. We look at the incentive mechanisms that make Bitcoin work, and we discuss current and potential uses of Bitcoin and technologies inspired by it.
  • Bitcoin,
  • cryptocurrencies,
  • blockchain,
  • incentives,
  • mining,
  • ICO,
  • smart contract
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Hanna Halaburda and Guillaume Haeringer. "Bitcoin: A Revolution?" Digital Economy, J. Ganuza and G. Llobet (eds) (2018)
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