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Unpublished Paper
Were Jews in Interwar Poland More Educated?
  • Ran Abramitzky, Stanford University
  • Hanna Halaburda, Bank of Canada
Research suggests that Jews have tended to be more educated than non-Jews. We confirm this finding for the case of interwar Poland, but show that it is driven by a composition effect. In particular, most Jews lived in cities and most non-Jews lived in rural areas, and people in cities were more educated than people in villages regardless of their religion. We find that while Jews were more educated than non-Jews in rural Poland, they were less educated than non-Jews in urban Poland.
  • Jews,
  • education,
  • Poland
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Ran Abramitzky and Hanna Halaburda. 2014. "Were Jews in Interwar Poland More Educated?" Available at: