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Chances Are? Course Selection at HBS and at Kellogg
HBS Case (711-449) and Teaching Note (711-449) (2010)
  • Hanna Halaburda
  • Aldo Sesia
The case describes two alternative elective course assignment procedures: Harvard Business School's lottery-based system and Kellogg Graduate School of Management's bidding-based system. The case has been designed to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each system and their desirability (or lack thereof) depending on the context (the broader business system) within which they are implemented. The case also describes the draft used by the NBA to assign new players to teams. This allows for a discussion of whether a similar system may be preferable to lottery-based or bidding-based procedures to assign students to courses in business schools.
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Hanna Halaburda and Aldo Sesia. ``Chances Are? Course Selection at HBS and at Kellogg.'' HBS Case (711-449) and Teaching Note.