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Designing for a Driverless Future in Downtown San Luis Obispo
Focus (2019)
  • Amir Hajrasouliha, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
  • CRP 512 Students
The graduate class CRP 512 Introduction to Visual Communication and GIS, focuses on skill development in visual communications and GIS through a planning exercise. In the Winter quarter of 2018, the class was assigned the re-design of two blocks in downtown San Luis Obispo. The students focused on developing visions and design ideas for a future with autonomous vehicles.
  • Autonomous Vehicle,
  • Urban Design,
  • Visualization
Publication Date
Winter January 18, 2019
Citation Information
Amir Hajrasouliha and CRP 512 Students. "Designing for a Driverless Future in Downtown San Luis Obispo" Focus (2019)
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