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Improving online learning through the use of design thinking (in Mandarin Chinese)
Chinese Journal of Distance Education (2014)
  • Neil Anderson, James Cook University
  • Timms Carolyn, James Cook University
  • Karim Hajhashemi, James Cook University
The paper reports on a component of a larger on- going national Australian study funded by the Australian Office for Learning and Teaching, which is currently examining the use of design thinking strategies and steps in Australian universities across multiple discipline areas and in various modes, including online and face-to-face subjects. One illustrative case study is presented that outlines how design thinking was used in an online subject, and examines the perceptions of the university staff in relation to design thinking. The academic staff used design thinking strategies when planning the course and the students’main assessment piece involved the use of design thinking to create an innovative, web-based learning activity for their school-based students. The key findings were that university students could successfully use design thinking strategies to improve their design of online learning activities for schoolbased students and that university instructors could successfully use design thinking to improve online university subject design. Instructors had varying, but compatible perceptions regarding the concept of design thinking and its usefulness. 本文是澳大利亚一项全国性课题的部分成果;该课题目前尚在进行之中,由澳大利亚政府教与学办 公室提供资助,旨在研究设计思维策略和步骤在澳大利亚大学不同学科领域和不同教学模式课程(包括 在线和面授) 中的使用。本文介绍了一个例证型案例,通过这个案例,我们可以了解到设计思维在一门 在线课程中的使用情况,同时还分析了大学教师对设计思维的看法。这个案例的教师在准备课程的过程 中使用设计思维策略,而学生的课程考核主要涉及使用设计思维方法为中小学生创设一项具有创新性、基于网页的学习活动。研究结果显示,这些大学生在为中小学生设计在线学习活动的过程中能够成功运 用设计思维策略提高设计质量,而大学教师也能够成功运用设计思维策略提高在线大学课程的设计水 平。此外,教师们对于设计思维的理念和作用有不同但又不相互矛盾的看法。 【关键词】设计思维;在线学习;e-learning;高等教育;远程教育;信息通信技术
  • Design Thinking; online learning; e-learning; higher education; distance education; ICT
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Neil Anderson, Timms Carolyn and Karim Hajhashemi. "Improving online learning through the use of design thinking (in Mandarin Chinese)" Chinese Journal of Distance Education Vol. 9 (2014)
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