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A New Stochastic Model for Systems Under General Repairs
IEEE Transactions on Reliability (2007)
  • Huairui R. Guo
  • Haitao Liao, University of Tennessee - Knoxville
  • Wenbiao Zhao
Numerous stochastic models for repairable systems have been developed by assuming different time trends, and re- pair effects. In this paper, a new general repair model based on the repair history is presented. Unlike the existing models, the closed- form solutions of the reliability metrics can be derived analytically by solving a set of differential equations. Consequently, the con- fidence bounds of these metrics can be easily estimated. The pro- posed model, as well as the estimation approach, overcomes the drawbacks of the existing models. The practical use of the proposed model is demonstrated by a much-discussed set of data. Compared to the existing models, the new model is convenient, and provides accurate estimation results.
  • Closed-form solution,
  • confidence bounds,
  • general repair,
  • maximum likelihood estimation,
  • proportional failure inten- sity,
  • repairable system,
  • virtual age.
Publication Date
Spring March, 2007
Citation Information
Huairui R. Guo, Haitao Liao, Wenbiao Zhao, and Adamantios Mettas. "A New Stochastic Model for Systems Under General Repairs" IEEE Transactions on Reliability 56.1 (2007): 40-49. Available at: