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IECM Technical Documentation Updates Final Report
Department of Engineering and Public Policy
  • Michael P. Berkenpas, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Karen Kietzke, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Hari Mantripragada, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Sean T. McCoy, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Edward S. Rubin, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Peter L. Versteeg, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Haibo Zhai, Carnegie Mellon University
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Technical Report
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Abstract or Description

This document brings together the five Technical Reports prepared under this contract to document enhancements made to the Integrated Environmental Control Model (IECM). Additional documentation of the model prepared under previous contracts is available at the IECM Web site:

Table of Contents

Volume I: Wet Cooling Tower Model

Volume II: Air Cooled Condenser Model

Volume III: Plant Water Usage Model

Volume IV: Updates to PC and IGCC Plant Models

Volume V: CO2 Transport and Storage Models

Citation Information
Michael P. Berkenpas, Karen Kietzke, Hari Mantripragada, Sean T. McCoy, et al.. "IECM Technical Documentation Updates Final Report" (2009)
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