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Fun with Animal Idioms (تفریحی با اصطلاحات حیوانات)
None (2016)
  • Hadi Salehi
Idioms and idiomatic language are some of the most interesting and creative vocabulary terms to learn in any language. It is estimated that there are over 10.000 idioms in English, some relatively recent and some that have been used for more than 2000 years (Brenner, 2011). Most linguists, language teachers, language learners, writers, poets, or anyone who has ever thought much about their language will freely admit that idioms provide vivid descriptions and expressions that are more powerful and effective than literal and nonidiomatic language. The aim of this book is to introduce a number of animal idioms using their Persian translations and related pictures.
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Hadi Salehi. Fun with Animal Idioms (تفریحی با اصطلاحات حیوانات). (2016)
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