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Action Verbs for Kids (افعال حرکتی برای بچه ها)
None (2016)
  • Hadi Salehi
There are three basic types of verbs in the English language, namely the action verbs, the linking verbs, and the auxiliary verbs. An action verb is a verb that expresses physical or mental action and tells us what the subject of our clause or sentence is doing-physically or mentally. Also, it expresses something that a person, animal, object, or process in nature can do. so, it describes what the subject of the sentence is doing. These types of verbs carry a great deal of information in a sentence and can convey emotion and a sense of purpose that extends beyond the literal meaning of the words.
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Hadi Salehi. Action Verbs for Kids (افعال حرکتی برای بچه ها). (2016)
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