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Continuous unidirectional carbon fibre-reinforced concrete beams
Faculty of Engineering - Papers (Archive)
  • Manouch Salehi, Amirkabir University of Technology
  • Muhammad N. S Hadi, University of Wollongong
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Salehi, M. & Hadi, M. N. (2007). Continuous unidirectional carbon fibre-reinforced concrete beams. In B. H. V. Topping (Eds.), International Conference on Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering Computing (p. 17). Stirlingshire, Scotland: Civil-Comp Press.

This paper reports a set of experimental results for continuous unidirectional carbonfibre-reinforced concrete beams. The fibers are embedded at different layers in thetension side of the beam below the neutral axis. All together nine concrete beamswere constructed and tested, three of which contained no reinforcement. The carbonfibre-reinforced concrete beam load-deflection results are presented graphically forthree beams with one-layer, one with two-layers and two with four-layers ofcontinuous unidirectional fibres. The maximum deflections of the reinforced beamsare compared with those of plain concrete beams.
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Manouch Salehi and Muhammad N. S Hadi. "Continuous unidirectional carbon fibre-reinforced concrete beams" (2007) p. 17
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