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Heterogenous Chemocatalysis: Catalysis by Chemical Design
  • Hadi Nur, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

The purpose of this book is to introduce several designs of heterogeneous catalytic systems. The aim is to assist researchers in the field of catalytic chemistry in gaining an understanding of the catalytic phenomena through the design and physicochemical properties of the catalysts. While the book was primarily written for use at the university level, it also may serve as a practical guide for the chemist and chemical engineers. This is a book of selected papers which I hope will be useful for several purposes. The cohesive aspect of certain advances is shown by bringing together papers published in different journals including, in a few cases, journals of limited circulation. This should aid historical studies. And I hope that it will give to reader a feeling for the general nature of research. The papers in this book were compiled based on classification from the catalytic processes that contained examples from researches that were made by the editor together with his colleagues and students from 1996 to 2006. I hope that this book can give an inspiration for readers how the design of the catalyst can be related to the physicochemical properties and the catalytic action for the chemical reactions, and may assist in the further search for novel approaches to catalysis. To develop programmable systems and self organizational approaches in chemocatalysis is one of the most challenging design tasks for current catalysis.

Publication Date
September, 2006
Hadi Nur
Ibnu Sina Institute for Fundamental Science Studies, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Citation Information
Hadi Nur. Heterogenous Chemocatalysis: Catalysis by Chemical Design. Johor Bahru(2006)
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