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Niobic Acid Dispersed on the Surface of TS-1: Acidity Study
Akta Kimia Indonesia (2005)
  • Didik Prasetyoko, University Technology Malaysia
  • Zainab Ramli, University Technology Malaysia
  • Salasiah Endud, University Technology Malaysia
  • Hadi Nur, University Technology Malaysia

Bifunctional oxidative and acidic catalyst was prepared by incorporation of titanium ion (Ti4+) and niobic acid in zeolite molecular-sieve. Nb/TS-1 was prepared by hydrothermal synthesis of Titanium silicalite, TS-1, calcination in air and subsequent impregnation of niobium (3-20 wt% Nb2O5) into TS-1. Acidity of the sample was characterized by pyridine adsorption technique. Pyridine adsorption study shows both Brønsted and Lewis acid sites are present in all Nb/TS-1 samples.

  • Niobic Acid,
  • TS-1,
  • Acidity Study
Publication Date
October, 2005
Citation Information
Didik Prasetyoko, Zainab Ramli, Salasiah Endud and Hadi Nur. "Niobic Acid Dispersed on the Surface of TS-1: Acidity Study" Akta Kimia Indonesia Vol. 1 (2005)
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