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Rationalization of higher education: Should it be necessary?
  • Hadi Nur, University Technology Malaysia
As it is understood, higher education’s main task is to play an active role in improving and developing the quality of life, culture, science, and international cooperation to achieve world peace for the welfare of humankind. It’s time for us to reflect on whether higher education needs to be rationalized. We need to look at this issue from a bigger perspective. There needs to be a new awareness, which involves not only reason but also inner understanding. It may be necessary to realize that the higher education system should be free from the capitalism of knowledge, social, economic and political that shape the world today. Awareness of liberation is needed. Many universities are unconsciously forced to follow trends and may deviate from their original purpose.
  • rationalization,
  • higher education
Publication Date
July 30, 2021
Citation Information
Hadi Nur. "Rationalization of higher education: Should it be necessary?" (2021)
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