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Modification of Electrical Properties of Silver Nanoparticle
Silver Nanoparticles - Fabrication, Characterization and Applications (2018)
  • Markus Diantoro, State University of Malang
  • Thathit Suprayogi, State University of Malang
  • Ulwiyatus Sa’adah, State University of Malang
  • Nandang Mufti, State University of Malang
  • Abdulloh Fuad, State University of Malang
  • Arif Hidayat, State University of Malang
  • Hadi Nur, University Technology Malaysia
This chapter focuses on the synthesis of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs), AgNP composites, and its role in the structure and electrical properties modification. The research and its various applications of nanoparticles are interesting among others. Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) are now becoming to take an essential role in the diverse field of application. Establishing the simple and inexpensive of AgNPs is greatly required, since it will also influence it used. Many different methods to obtain AgNPs have been reported. The inducing AgNPs on a various number of other materials has been investigating. We report a brief review of simple AgNP fabrication method at different MSA, PEG, and ultrasonic irradiations regarding its structure and conductivity. We also report the influence of AgNPs on the electrical conductivity of conducting polymers, ie, PANI, flavonoids of Jatropha multifida L.(JML) and Pterocarpus indicus W.(PIW). It is found that in general, the increase of AgNP concentration gives rise to increase of its electrical conductivity. The conductivity of the AgNPs doped of polymers does not directly reflect by its crystallinity or crystal size. Some exciting aspect of crystal structure and its conductivity are discussed.
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Khan Maaz
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Markus Diantoro, Thathit Suprayogi, Ulwiyatus Sa’adah, Nandang Mufti, et al.. "Modification of Electrical Properties of Silver Nanoparticle" Silver Nanoparticles - Fabrication, Characterization and Applications (2018)
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