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About Habibolla Latifizadeh

Welcome to my Academic Homepage! You may find any information about me through the provided links ; otherwise don't hesitate to contact me! Once more, I'd like to appreciate your visiting of my Homepage. Leave a message if you mind, please...
Thank you,
Habibolla Latifizadeh.
*If a theory is simple and beautiful, it must be correct.*
“the essence of mathematics lies entirely in its freedom”


Present Faculty Member, Shiraz University of Technology

Research Interests

Applied Mathematics, Numerical and iterative methods PDEs and ODEs, and Computational Mathematics, Nonlinear PDEs

Variational theory and Variational iteration technique (5)

Calculus of variations & Analytical approach for non-linear problems and Wavelet Method (10)

Fractional differential equations


Homotopy Analysis and purturbation technique (4)

Differential Transformation technique (3)

Decomposition Method and Series Expansion (1)

Citations of my publications ; Tracked by Thomson Reuters (ISI), SCOPUS and Google Scholar statistics (114)