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About Guy E Carmi

Dr. Guy E. Carmi received his S.J.D. and LL.M from the University of Virginia School of Law, and his LL.B. from the University of Haifa Faculty of Law. He teaches Comparative Perspectives on Freedom of Expression at the Heberw University of Jerusalem Faculty of Law. He previously taught Holocaust and the Law at the Radzyner School of Law of the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, Introduction to American Law at the University of Haifa Faculty of Law, at the College of Management Law School, and at the University of Virginia School of Law.
Dr. Carmi's scholarship principally deals with comparative constitutional law, focusing on freedom of expression. Among his publications are articles in the American Journal of Comparative Law, the McGill Law Journal, the Boston University International Law Journal, the University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law, and the Connecticut Journal of International Law.
Dr. Carmi's doctoral dissertation titled "Dignity and Liberty: Differing Approaches to Free Speech in Germany, The United States and Israel" won The Gorney Prize for Young Researchers in the field of Public Law of The Israeli Association of Public Law. In his dissertation, Dr. Carmi examines the question whether freedom of expression is primarily based upon the value of human dignity or on the value of liberty, as well as the question how relying on either of these values affects the perception of freedom of expression and its protection. The dissertation examines these questions under three legal systems: Germany, the United States, and Israel. Freedom of expression in Israel is examined in light of the comparative research. His research indicates that only after the 1992 Constitutional Revolution, did the Supreme Court establish that human dignity, as interpreted in Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty, includes freedom of expression. Dr. Carmi reaches the conclusion that the link between freedom of expression and human dignity, despite the fact that such link was intended to strengthen freedom of expression, has actually weakened it. He offers ways to buttress freedom of expression in Israel, including the possibility of anchoring freedom of expression in the value of liberty of men.
Dr. Carmi is a partner in the litigation department of Lipa Meir & Co. in Tel-Aviv, where he works since since 2008. He represents banking corporations, insurance companies, real-estate entrepreneurs and the like in a variety of complex civil and commercial litigation cases, in all judicial forums, including the Supreme Court. Dr. Carmi also handles, inter alia, antitrust, defamation, and administrative petitions (including tenders), as well as petitions to the High Court of Justice. In addition, Dr. Carmi writes legal briefs and opinions in the fields of comparative and constitutional law, communications law and defamation, and provides counseling to the firms' clients on these issues.


Present Adjunct Lecturer, Hebrew University of Jerusalem Faculty of Law (Israel)
Present LL.M., 2005, University of Virginia
Present Lecturer (January Term 2006), University of Virginia
Present S.J.D. (Doctor of Juridical Science), 2010, University of Virginia

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