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About Gustavo Saposnik

This site is about Dr. Saposnik & his contributions to the advances in Medicine-Stroke Outcomes and Decision Neuroscience Research.
Dr Gustavo Saposnik is a Clinician Scientist & Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto
- Medical Doctor, University of Buenos Aires;
- National Board of Medical Examiners (Neurology), University of Buenos Aires
- Master in Clinical Effectiveness, Harvard School of Public Health and University of Buenos Aires
- PhD Candidate in Neuroeconomics, University of Zurich
- Director, Stroke Outcomes Research Unit, St. Michael's Hospital
- Adjunct Scientist in the Keenan Research Centre of the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute of St. Michael's Hospital
- Adjunct Scientist at ICES
- Scientist Canadian Partnership for Stroke rehabilitation
- Cross-appointment, Health Policy, Management and Education (HPME), University of Toronto
Adjunct Scientist, Institute of Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES)
Research Activities
My primary interest is stroke outcomes research (e.g. the application of new tools and e-technologies for stroke recovery), and Neuroeconomics (the science that help us understand how we make decisions).
We have looked at the different domains of stroke care across the continuum, including: acute care, prevention, and improved stroke recovery.
Both my research training and publications reflect my longstanding interests in these 3 areas. The first includes the assessment of how organized inpatient care affects stroke outcomes. The second includes adherence to the guidelines and risk of stroke in selected populations. The last relates to a novel area: the use of virtual reality of stroke rehabilitation. More recently, we have taken it a step further by exploring the use of virtual reality with Nintendo Wii gaming technology in patients with recent strokes. To accomplish these tasks, I formed and led a working group on stroke outcome research involving many leading stroke researchers in Canada, and other specialists interested in stroke, called SORCan (Stroke Outcomes Research Canada- This has led to a series of published papers, and others being submitted or in press. Our work has been highlighted in two summary reviews on ‘Advances in Health Policy and Outcomes’ published in STROKE Journal (Rudd et al. Stroke 2009;40;e301-e304 and Williams et al. Stroke 2010;41: e77-e80).
SORCan has made worldwide contributions. Some of my success in these areas resulted from this productive network of colleagues and researchers in the field.
Our stroke outcomes research program includes four main areas: stroke care, development of tools and technologies, 'real life' interventions for stroke recovery & decision neuroscience.
The ultimate goal of my program is to contribute with a better understanding of how we make decisions in cerebrovascular disease and to improve the quality of care for stroke patients.
• Over 260 peer-reviewed publications (105 first-authored, 73 senior-authored) in many high-impact journals (JAMA, Lancet Neurology, Circulation, Neurology, Annals of Neurology, Stroke).
• Metrics: Google scholar: over 34,000 citations (h-index 58, i10- index 188).


Present Associate Professor in Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto, University of Toronto
Present Associate Professor in Medicine (Neurology), St. Michael's Hospital, University of Toronto, University of Toronto
Present Director, Stroke Outcomes Research Unit, Stroke Program, St Michael's Hospital, University of Toronto, Adjunct Scientist, Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES), Toronto, Canada
Present PhD Candidate in Neuroeconomics - University of Zurich, University of Toronto

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

Stroke Outcomes Research, Technologies for stroke rehabilitation, Decision making, and Health Policy

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Honors and Awards

  • Heart and Stroke Foundation Ontario, Focus in Stroke Fellowship Award (2004-2007)
  • Clinician Scientist Award, Heart & Stroke Foundation Ontario (2008-2011)
  • Distinguished Clinician Scientist Award, Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada (Period 2012-2017)
  • Mac Donald Research Award, Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada (2012-2017)


Contact Information

55 Queen St. E
Suite 931
Toronto, ON
M5C 1R6
St. Michael’s Hospital
Phone: (416)-864-5155 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (416)-864-5155      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Fax: (416)-864-5150

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