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Rutile Promoted Synthesis of Sulfonylamidonitriles from Simple Aldehydes and Sulfonamides
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering (2016)
  • Nicholas V. Costantini
  • Alex D. Bates
  • Graham J. Haun
  • Natasha M. Chang
  • Dr. Gustavo Moura-Letts, Rowan University
We report the first rutile-promoted synthesis of sulfonylamidonitriles from aldehydes and sulfonamides with NaCN in water. This transformation has proven to work for a variety of aliphatic and aromatic aldehydes with excellent yields. The scope also extends to a variety of substituted sulfonamides. Rutile can be easily recycled and reused without significant reaction erosion. The benign nature of rutile and its natural abundance highlights this transformation as a model green reaction.
  • Green reaction,
  • Heterogeneous catalysis,
  • Rutile,
  • Strecker reaction,
  • Sulfonylamidonitriles
Publication Date
April, 2016
Citation Information
Nicholas V. Costantini, Alex D. Bates, Graham J. Haun, Natasha M. Chang, et al.. "Rutile Promoted Synthesis of Sulfonylamidonitriles from Simple Aldehydes and Sulfonamides" ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering Vol. 4 Iss. 4 (2016) p. 1906 - 1911 ISSN: 2168-0485
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