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Ranking & Adv Univ.pdf
The Journal of Adventist Education (2017)
  • Gus Gregorutti
Adventist colleges and universities feel great pressure to attract more students in the ever-increasing competitive environment of higher education. As they seek to distinguish themselves through accreditations, awards and success of faculty, a new tool for showing a competitive edge has emerged: rankings. Various news outlets and websites rank US and international universities.
This article reviews these rankings and some of the implications for Adventist colleges and universities. Therefore, two basic questions guide this analysis. First, are rankings really measuring quality? And second, what should be the reaction to these trends to maintain and increase enrollment among Adventist institutions? Responding to these questions may have strategic implications to develop a stronger Adventist Higher Education. 
  • Adventist Higher Education
Publication Date
Spring January, 2017
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Gus Gregorutti. "Ranking & Adv Univ.pdf" The Journal of Adventist Education (2017)
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