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Solid Waste and River Ecology
  • Pawan K Bharti, Dr.

The present book ‘Solid Waste and River Ecology’ elaborated the impact of solid waste dumping on the water quality of a river and its basic environmental settings. The book reveals the general water quality, physico-chemical parameters, nutrients and ions, fish diversity, solid waste generation, traffic volume, tourism and many aspects of ecology of Sahastradhara river. The book mainly deals with the impacts solid waste dumping and many anthropogenic activities on the water quality of Sahastradhara stream with special reference to physico-chemical parameters, and heavy metal concentration at various locations. Further, the text contents of book with case study research data will show the path for new researchers in the field of limnology, river and stream ecology and freshwater ecology. The book will be beneficial for scientists, environmentalists, limno-biologist, zoologists, agriculturists, aquatic ecologists, health scientists, nongovernment organizations, research students and serve as a reference to initiate the research in the field of river ecology and pollution.

Publication Date
Pawan Kumar Bharti
Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany
Citation Information
Pawan K Bharti. Solid Waste and River Ecology. FirstSaarbrucken(2012)
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