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Climate Change and Agriculture
  • Pawan K Bharti, Dr.

The present book ‘Climate Change and Agriculture’ elaborated the cause and consequences of climate change. The book reveals the general anthropogenic activities, environmental pollution, ozone depletion, global warming, climate change and impacts on water resources and agriculture. The book mainly deals with the impacts of anthropogenic activities on the all components of biosphere in the form of global climate change as a consequence. Further, the contents of book with research data will show the path for new researchers in the field of environment pollution, anthropogenic activities, carbon dioxide emissions, green house gages, ozone depletion, global warming and climate change. An assemblage of total 21 papers in this book gives an outline about the causes and consequences of climate change and its impacts on agriculture system, water resources, forest ecosystem and human health. The book will be beneficial for scientists, environmentalists, hydrologists, agriculturists, aquatic ecologists, health scientists, nongovernment organizations, research students and serve as a reference to initiate the research in the field of environment pollution and climate change.

Publication Date
Pawan Kumar Bharti, Avnish Chauhan
Discovery Publishing House
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Pawan K Bharti. Climate Change and Agriculture. FirstDelhi(2012)
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