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Approach to Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury in the Emergency Department
Current Pediatric Reviews
  • Sheena Belisle
  • Rodrick Lim, Western University
  • Elena Hochstadter
  • Gurinder Sangha, Western University
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Traumatic Brain Injury is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in the pediatric population affecting millions of people yearly. It is important that practitioners have the knowledge and skills to care for these complicated patients, as the initial care can significantly affect the course of the injury. We discuss the initial management of traumatic brain injury based on mild, moderate and severe presentations.

Results and Conclusion

Management strategies to address Intracranial Pressure and Cerebral perfusion pressure, the use of oxygenation and ventilation strategies, temperature, correction of metabolic abnormalities and seizure care are discussed.


Article available at Current Pediatric Reviews, Vol. 14(1).

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Sheena Belisle, Rodrick Lim, Elena Hochstadter and Gurinder Sangha. "Approach to Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury in the Emergency Department" Current Pediatric Reviews Vol. 14 Iss. 1 (2018) p. 4 - 8
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